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deepstream organizations are a way to collaborate and share various applications among more than one administrators.

Creating a new organization

organization menu

As shown above, you can access the organization window on your dashboard by selecting the organiztion option in the drop down menu of your profile icon.

The organization will be assigned a unique id which is displayed on the dashboard. A field will be available for adding the name of the organization. Please note that you will not be able to invite members without first naming your organization.

organization window

Under the 'organization members' tab, you can find the email address and userid information you used to create your deepstream account. Once you have assigned a name to your organization, you can add new members to your organization. All new members will get access to all deepstream applications associated with this particular account.

Adding new members

You can add new members using the INVITE MEMBER button.

organization members

To add new members, you will need to provide the email address of the person you'd like to add. Your invitee, will then receive an email with an invitation to join your organization on deepstream.

add members

Please note that as of now, you cannot add members with existing deepstream accounts. The INVITE MEMBER prompts the users to sign up for an account on deepstream and once they complete this step, they will be automatically added to your organization.