We couldn't be happier to announce that we just added a feature that let's you collaborate on your deepstream applications with friends or co-workers.


Introducing deepstream organizations!

What are these?

Creating and handling group-owned deepstream apps is now a thing!

deepstream organizations are a way to collectively handle various deepstream applications. This could be especially useful if you have a team of people working on a project containing multiple applications and you would like to give all of them admin access to the deepstream applications.

organization menu

Having organizations makes things simpler by centralising many actions, including billing, i.e, all the apps within an organization are billed for only once.

How do they work?

You can create a new organization and simply add users using their email address. deepstream will send them an inivitation to sign up and likewise be part of your organization. Simple as that !

add members

For more details on how to set this up, feel free to go through this short guide.